•   Enroll into diagnostic tests or health packages online   •   Register a test or package from your choice of Diagnostic Center   •   Dispatch of reports through emails   •   Updated lab reports through prompt messaging system   •   Compiling the health record of patients in a secured format   •   Perceiving the electronic health records online with comparison charts   •   ater to the needs of your doctor by sending your reports online   •   Ask professionals and apprehend a resolution for your hindrance   •  

Welcome to MapmyLab.com

MapMyLab offers a comprehensive platform to book diagnostic tests or health packages online through our list of city wide partner diagnostic service providers (LABS).Users can search and compare a wide array of medical laboratory tests or health packages with in the vicinity and buys the services online.

MapMyLab portal offers a centralized EHR (Electronic Health Record) system and allows the user to access their health records on demand any time. As the patient health records are archived in secure cloud based storage system and be retrieved on demand, there is no loss of information in the event of loss of original test records.

MapMyLab offer a new paradigm in delivery of diagnostic service and gives the user a hassle free process in availing the diagnostic tests / procedures.

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Most Common Tests

  • Complete Blood Count Test
    The complete blood count (CBC) test measures several components of blood to assess the patient for various disorders. Read More
  • Hepatitis B Virus Test
    Hepatitis B is a virus that can cause an infection. There are several hepatitis B viruses. (HBV) tests used to determine if blood has signs of an HBV. Read More
  • Platelet Count Test
    A platelet count is used to detect a low or high number of platelets in the blood. The test is included in a complete blood count (CBC), a panel of tests often performed as part of a general health examination. Read More

Patient Stories

Girish, Mumbai.

I thought the website was great. I especially liked the "lab test search box" where I could type in what I was looking for and have a bunch of results come up. The site was definitely easy to use and results were quickly emailed to me within 24hours.


Rajesh Kumar, Hyderabad

I placed the order online on Sunday, went to the lab on Monday, and received the results via e-mail on Tuesday. The website is easy to use, with multiple ways to locate tests and lab locations. The tests are very affordable, and I plan on using the site in the future. Good work!.


Sanjeeva Rao, Visakapatnam

We actually went yesterday to have his lab work done. We have used MapmyLab before and we have always loved it. It is a great value. To have the same tests done with our insurance discount we pay twice as much. My son's endocrinologist has actually started recommending MapmyLab.com all to other patients since I told him about it.